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  • Sold    $500,000.00

    Sold and Saved $11,550.00¹
    5     3.00     2,260 sq ft
    Single Family

    2005 Crater Peak Way, ANTIOCH, 94531, CA
  • Pending    $650,000.00

    What a beautiful setting!
    3     2.00     1,559 sq ft
    Single Family

    617 Sonora Ct, MARTINEZ, 94553, CA
  • Pending    $1,055,000.00

    Dream location, walking to dwntwn & BART
    4     2.00     2,182 sq ft
    Single Family

    121 Greenway Dr, WALNUT CREEK, 94596, CA
  • Sold    $500,000.00

    Sold and Saved $9,550.00¹
    3     2.00     1,019 sq ft
    Single Family

    114 Wellington Ave, CONCORD, 94520, CA
  • Pending    $490,000.00

    Mid-Century Modern Style Home!
    3     2.00     1,226 sq ft
    Single Family

    2173 Roskelley Dr, CONCORD, 94519, CA
  • Sold    $480,000.00

    Sold and Saved $10,850.00¹
    4     3.00     2,136 sq ft
    Single Family

    15 Brighton Dr, VALLEJO, 94591, CA
  • Pending    $415,000.00

    Water View Property in Central Glen Cove
    4     3.00     2,064 sq ft

    124 Shoal Dr, VALLEJO, 94591, CA
  • Sold    $419,000.00

    Sold and Saved $8,715.00¹
    3     2.00     1,795 sq ft
    Single Family

    2453 San Simeon Ct, DISCOVERY BAY, 94505, CA
  • Sold    $475,000.00

    Sold and Saved $10,675.00¹
    2     1.50     930 sq ft

    1911 Olmo Way, WALNUT CREEK, 94598, CA
  • Sold    $689,000.00

    Sold and Saved $16,165.00¹
    4     2.00     1,693 sq ft
    Single Family

    1787 Silkwood Ln, CONCORD, 94521, CA
  • Sold    $679,000.00

    4     2.00     1,681 sq ft
    Single Family

    1286 Center Ave, MARTINEZ, 94553, CA
  • Sold    $280,000.00

    Sold and Saved $5,850.00¹
    3     1.50     1,093 sq ft
    Single Family

    29 Sandview Dr, Bay Point, 94565, CA
  • Sold    $855,000.00

    Sold and Saved $19,975.00¹
    4     3.00     1,856 sq ft
    Single Family

    1884 Lucille Ln, PLEASANT HILL, 94523, CA
  • Sold    $1,150,000.00

    Sold and Saved $28,750.00¹
    5     4.00     2,668 sq ft
    Single Family

    2539 Vinton Ave, DUBLIN, 94568, CA
  • Sold    $668,000.00

    Sold and Saved $6,475.00¹
    1     1.00     740 sq ft

    3173 Wayside Plaza, WALNUT CREEK, 94597, CA
  • Sold    $725,000.00

    Sold and Saved $15,425.00¹
    4     2.00     1,937 sq ft
    Single Family

    344 Blue Ridge Dr, MARTINEZ, 94553, CA
  • Sold    $730,000.00

    Sold and Saved $25,601.00¹
    3     1.00     950 sq ft
    Single Family

    809 Hillside Blvd, SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, 94080, CA
  • Sold    $529,000.00

    Sold and Saved $10,565.00¹
    3     2.50     1,700 sq ft
    Single Family

    2105 CLARK ST, HERCULES, 94547, CA
  • Sold    $850,000.00

    Sold and Saved $19,800.00¹
    6     3.00     2,090 sq ft

    1209 55th St, OAKLAND, 94608, CA
  • Sold    $892,000.00

    Sold and Saved $21,270.00¹
    4     2.50     2,080 sq ft
    Single Family


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Sold in 3 Days and Seller Saved $14,175!!
“Margie and I were trying to count up how many houses we have lived in our married life. We have owned 7 residences and 2 rentals. We have worked with many realtors-brokers etc. I would certainly recommend the Help-U-Sell Golden Homes office to anyone ready to buy or sell their home. We felt we were given the best service throughout the process. With all the disclaimers used today, it really helps to have someone walking you through the process and checking over contract etc.” - Carl and Maggie Larsen, Martinez, CA
  Sold in 12 Days and Saved $9,450!!

“Working with the Help-U-Sell staff has been a great experience. We were, from the very start, very confident in their abilities. They gave great advice and offered a lot of experience. They were always happy to hear from us and welcomed any questions. When it came to paperwork, phone calls, and emails, they were always ahead of schedule. From the day our house went on the market to the day escrow closed was only 40 days. And we got our asking price. Using them saved us over $9000! - Best of all, we loved working with them and would gladly refer anyone to their office!” - Art and Rebekah Delgado, Martinez, CA 
  Sold in 1 day and Saved $20,450!

It has been a real pleasure to work with Bill and Yasumi in selling my house. They are very understanding and cooperative in all our transaction. I am so happy to have met both of them. They have been a great help to me. - Margaret Changson, Martinez, CA

  My husband and I found ourselves in a financial dilemma after my father-in-law passed away. His house was the home that my husband grew up in, but it held a mortgage. We wanted to sell our house and move to my husband's childhood home, but the home we had purchased in 2007 was worth less than what we owed on it. We could not afford the payments on both homes. Thanks to the help of Yasumi Davis of Help-U-Sell, we were relieved of the financial burden of the home purchased in 2007 by use of the "short sale". The process seemed to be complex, but Yasumi made it as simple and as painless as possible. She worked diligently with the our bank, as well as the buyers, their agent, and even their lender. We are now living in my husband's childhood home and very grateful for all the help we received. - Karen Weber Miller, Pleasant Hill, CA 
  “We Saved $32,850 in Commissions! My ex-husband and I were going through a separation and Yasumi helped us to not only sell our house in Clayton, but also buy new condos in Concord. She successfully completed three transactions for us so we had a new place to move into at the time we sold our house. Yasumi was a great agent to work with very efficient and responsive, very smart and pleasant to work with. Her pricing is also unbeatable  if you find your own buyer, you don’t have to pay seller commissions. We also agreed that our buyer would use Yasumi as their agent – so we saved on buyer commissions too. Because we went with Yasumi, and I found a buyer for our house, we saved $32,850 in commissions! I would work with her again and recommend her to all my friends. - Dasha Kugay

' Words can't describe the experience that we had with Yasumi. Yasumi went well beyond our hopes and dreams while recently going through a short ... more '
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' My husband and I chose Yasumi to Short Sale our townhome in Pleasant Hill. The process took a long 9 months from start to finish. She got the job done ... more '
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827 Arnold Drive, Suite 80, MARTINEZ, CA 94553